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We are experts in specialist cleaning and minor maintenance works. Our core services involve deep cleaning within commercial kitchens, ventilation ductwork and high-level structure

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Commercial kitchen deep cleaning (catering equipment, kitchen structure, canopies, filters, grease extract ductwork)

Regular deep-cleaning of your kitchen is essential for hygiene and safety reasons. In addition, a clean workspace is important for maintaining staff morale because a clean place to work is a happy place to work.

Without regular deep-cleaning, a build-up of food, grease, dust and debris may occur in your kitchen. This can present a hazardous environment for patrons and staff due to:

  • increased risks from fire;
  • increasing the likelihood that accidents such as slips, trips and falls may occur;
  • causing the spread of bacteria, which may lead to infections; cross-contamination; and attracting unwanted vermin.

So, what are you waiting for…

  • Prolong the life of your kitchen equipment
  • Give your business a higher ‘scores on the doors’ rating
  • Reduce the risks posed by fire and other health and safety hazards
  • Maintain the hygiene standards you have worked hard to achieve
  • Keep your premises a clean and happy place to work

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